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Firefox, Ubuntu the future of desktop Operating Systems?

Posted on: March 3rd, 2013 by Kyle

So the CNET folks found Ubuntu Touch the ‘best of MWC’ and a better touch interface than Firefox OS at the recent Mobile World Conference in Spain which may be a bit of a surprise given Firefox should without question be the standard in browsing and likely OS in the future. For me though the big question is will anyone ever topple Windows or even OS X when it comes to Desktop Operating Systems? I like using a mobile phone on the go like anyone else but really do not get into the tablet world so the desktop/laptop realm OS’s have always been of particular interest to me.

I have played with the various Linux varieties like Fedora and Ubuntu but have wanted them to get on top of things with support of Adobe products (fully) and other widely used software but nothing like the two big boys (Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh) have yet to really compete. Whether it be Ubuntu, Firefox or someone else, could 2013 and onward begin the end of the reign of the two giants and welcome in a more secure, usable and quicker OS that we all can enjoy?