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Google password killer, a good thing?

Posted on: January 26th, 2013 by Kyle

Google is continuing to push towards its goal of eliminating or diminishing the use of standard passwords as we know it. While it would be a huge milestone if such a goal was reached the question is are people ready to wear a ring or carry around some token on their key chain just to sign in to their favorite sites? We’ve seen the rise of smartphones over the last few years and how folks willingly carry them everywhere but can you compare a ring filled with a chip of your passwords to a important lifeline to the world, I think not. I just don’t see most people wearing such an accessory or really carrying anything remotely optional around with them everywhere. Some feasible options might be a iris scan from your phone’s camera, biometric fingerprint scanners or voice recognition software.

If all your internet activity relies upon one Google controlled key ring or token and it gets lost or stolen that could wreck havoc on your entire life. If it however just controlled social networking sites that may not create as much damage financially but could ruin your reputation. There could be many issues with such a Google ring that I feel that having 3-4 strong passwords in your head can never be topped and if you forget one you just go make a new one. I’d love to just be recognized in some fashion and never have to present a password but the reality is anything short of a implanted chip could get lost and hence cause a greater problem. I for one would never get a chip and I doubt many would but one day that might be the cool thing. I just know that power corrupts and the larger these companies get the less they care about you but rather their stock holders and bottom line.

A big point not many techies mention is Google has been and likely still is infiltrated with NSA agents and other government workers that warrant-less wiretap your phones and who knows what else, so do you trust them with more and more info especially all your passwords? Yes they are encrypted but its the NSA after all so you get my drift. Funny how the more we grow as a society people want to make things faster and ‘better’ but some times better is the hard way, the old fashioned way and the way we have always done things…technology usually is an exception to this rule but in the case of passwords I feel it may not ever be improved upon without some serious side effects.