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Is America a shell of its past?

Posted on: July 4th, 2013 by Kyle

As summer drags on and the sounds of cicadas increase one is bound to find a few exoskeletons (cicada skins) around. This cool phenomenon reminds me of what America has become, nothing more than a shell of its past greatness. A facade of liberty and freedom while it has become hollow on the inside.

On this July 4th let us all remember how great our founding fathers were to give us a great constitution and bill of rights. They were and still are the ultimate example of freedom and liberty in the world. With Bush’s Patriot Act and Obama’s NDAA we have seen our liberties further erode. They can infinitely detain any America without probable cause and listen to all your communications without a warrant. You have to nearly be raped at the airport if you refuse a radiation transmitting naked body scanner. Not to mention marriage being given a new definition, property rights being narrowed, freedom of speech being clapped down upon, gun rights being eviscerated and we are being forced to have fluoride in the water supply and not know that the food we buy is GMO. Soon will be forced to buy health insurance or face a fine, however America is still a proud and wonderful nation because of the patriots and liberty lovers all over this country and the world who continue to spread the message of hope and constitutional values. Let us be proud of them/us this day and continue to push towards these goals.