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YouTube gone too far?

Posted on: February 9th, 2013 by Kyle

So YouTube has done it again, taken down a video they call ‘spam’ when it just violates their political interests. In this cnet article they explain how the video giant took down a video of a 3D printed 30 round magazine in action called the ‘Cuomo’ named after the New York governor who pretty much hates guns, pretty funny if you ask me. So what if people want to print off their own mag, let them customize it and sell it perhaps but no because you might go shoot up a school full of kids you can’t have one or even look at one. It’s one thing to not like guns but to take people’s rights away because kids are ‘riddled’ with bullet holes like Biden said is wrong. Don’t get caught up in emotion lets just base policy on one thing, the facts!

The liberal media hates to mention these facts but here we go. The fact is semi-auto rifles kill less than 300 people annually in the United States while handguns kill over 6,000 (2011 numbers) so if anything ban hand guns (I don’t say that but using their logic they should) but that would violate our second amendment and many of them wish they could remove it but know it would never happen. People like Piers Morgan and his friends never mention banning tobacco (kills 400k), alcohol (kills ~70k including accidents) or any other harmful thing like hammers or fists even 🙂 the point is they are using emotion to drive home their hatred of guns and for us in the south its despicable. Think about this for a second, you live in south Texas and a Mexican gang of 10 guys carrying RPG’s and full automatic weapons storms your house, if you ask Obama all you need is a hand gun to defend yourself and your family. A semi-auto or even a full auto rifle may not save your life in that instance but it just shows you that every chance you get to increase your odds of surviving is a plus.